Sunday, October 7, 2012


Changed blogs, changed ideas, changed direction and changed location.  You can find me here:

And if you're fast enough, there's a giveaway that ends tomorrow at midnight!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

1st Grade Common Core Workbook

Check out this new Common Core State Standards book.  I have checked out the sample and it seems to be a nice mix of worksheets that you could use for assessments and headers, question cards, etc. for hands on learning.  If you are interested, you can check them out here:

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Just wanted to send my was a SUPER busy day yesterday and so there wasn't a Saturday 7.  I will post a freebie later today though.  I did want to let you know that in conjunction with ThistleGirl's customer appreciation week, I am having a 20% off sale in my TPT store.  (including newly posted Halloween items...more coming!)

You can check it out here:

If you haven't checked out Ashley's adorable graphics, you can find her here:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Freebie Linky Party!

Woo-hoo!  It's a 2 post day!  My bloggy friend Cynthia (LOVE her name, BTW) is hosting a FREEBIE Linky Party over at her Second Grade Pad. Just click on the link below this adorable from from 
Just So Scrappy Too and it will take you right to a page full of FREEBIES!!

Hop on over there and check it out!!  I don't think I know a single teacher out there who doesn't 
LOVE a FREEBIE...or 6 or 10 or more!
Since she has asked us to post our favorite FREEBIE, I am going to have to include my Polka Dot Calendar.  If you haven't seen it, you can check it out right here:

Hey, Good Lookin', Whatcha Got Cookin'?

So I think the hardest part of going back to school is not getting up early or deciding what to wear or even dealing with the idea that you're no longer your own boss.  It has got to be FOOD!  You know, eating dinner at the nearest drive thru in a hurry.  And what about lunches????

I'll admit it, trying new recipes was tops on my list this summer, but in Vegas, it's too stinkin' hot to turn on the oven.  I did try a few new ones  (desserts count, right?).  I LOVED this one from 
Food & Wine:  

and this one from Chef Mommy that was delish:

Of course I found both of them (along with like a million others) on Pinterest.

In fact, I had to make one of those cute Somee cards with my favorite Pinterest quote on it.  Tell me, would you agree, or not?

So, now it's your turn...share with us some of your favorite quick and easy meals for those busy school-day-soccer-practice-Open-House-gotta-hurry nights!

Friday, September 7, 2012

This week's Saturday 7!

Well, what's been going on this week?  Is everyone back to school?  We just finished week 2.  171 school days until summer vacation!  LOL!  I am not complaining.  I have a pretty sweet class.  I'd like to stick most of them in my pocket and bring them home with me.

So, here's what I'm thinking about, listening to, dreaming sure to tell me what's on your mind.  I'd love to hear it!

I do not know about you, but I am ready for some cooler weather!  It's been so hot and humid here.  (Think about 100 degrees!)  UGH!  Bring on the cooler weather...PLEASE!  (Of course, they always say to be careful what you wish for...if it snows here, I'm sorry!) LOL!

And speaking of fall...ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL????  
GO PACK GO!  I have a die-hard Colts fan in my class this year.  Over the years I've created/converted many a Packers fan.  Gotta say this one is not happening.  He's even been taunting me by wearing his Colts attire for the past two days.  Packers and Colts play THE DAY BEFORE my birthday.  Think it would be too much to ask for a win?

How many of you watched the telethon last night?  This is a near and dear cause in my family.  My grandma, my aunt and I have all had breast cancer.  It's never too late to donate.  You can do that here:   

So...what song have you been spinning on your mental turntable this week?  I'll tell you what, my kids have been learning this song, because it's our class theme song for this year (maybe forever).  I cannot get it out of my mind!

Well, along with fall, comes the new fall lineup.  Any new shows look good to you?  I can't wait to watch Vegas!  Growing up and living here, I have met Ralph Lamb on a few occasions when I was little.  I will be interested to see how good this show is.  And also, have to catch up with my guys from Big Bang, of course!

See this cute headphone graphic from Just So Scrappy, well, I'm going to need a real set.  Just found out that Punkerdoodle has been assigned the violin in orchestra this year.  His teacher assures us that at the winter concert they will not sound so screechy.  Here's to hoping!
And finally, here's this week's freebie.  It's never to early for Halloween, right?
Follow this link:  Spooky Subtraction

Have a GREAT weekend and week!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday 7

So here is a little something new:  The Saturday 7.  Things I'm thinking about, listening to, reading, wanting to do, etc.  I hope that you'll add your own posts here, too.  Oh, and did I mention that the 7th think will always be a FREEBIE???!?!?!  Be sure to tell your friends, because it's free for EVERYONE!  So, without further delay, here is today's Saturday 7!!

See this adorably happy, chunky thighed baby??  It is so hard to believe that he is going to be ELEVEN on Wednesday.  AND he started middle school this week!  (all advanced classes - Proud Mom Moment for sure!!)  Where does the time, go??!?!  Happy Birthday, Punkerdoodle!
Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow would have been my sweet Uncle Bob's birthday.  He recently passed away.  To say he was one of a kind, would be an understatement.  Happy Birthday, Uncle Mun!  I know you're up there walking on the beaches of Heaven.

How many of you watched the Teachers Rock! concert on TV?  I had never heard of this group.  Now I can't get this song out of mind!  Will definitely have to check out more by them.  

Roll call!  Who is back to school?  We started this week.  21 first graders and they keep coming.  May not seem like a lot, but our classroom is tiny.  No matter, they seem like a very sweet class!!

Check out this adorable new graphics set from Just So Scrappy Too!
This is what I should be reading on this long weekend.

This is what I will be reading. really, I'll be reading BOTH. 
Do you have any fast and easy weeknight meals that are you "go to" meals?  I promised all summer long that I would increase this section of my recipe book, but didn't get to it.  I would LOVE to read all of your wonderful recipe ideas!  I personally swear by this recipe site.  

And, finally...the FREEBIE!

Hey, it's never too early!  LOL!